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Local Nurse Brings Sparks Positive Change With An N95 Mask Innovation

Apr 29, 2021

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The Covid-19 outbreak has sparked about fears globally, with many people admitted to hospitals after contracting the virus. The virus's economic effects devasted most of the people who lost their jobs, and it is even more worrying the varied strains of the virus have pulled into the scene. It is a good thing that several studies have presented to the world some vaccines used for innoculation.

Astrazenica happens to be one of the vaccines commonly in use, though it was recently linked to some health concerns when clotting occurred. Sources show the shutdown of an inoculation center in Australia. It was shut down 90 minutes before the usual closing hour. The use of masks such as the N95 has become rather widespread, as governments continue urging their citizens not to lower their guards against the virus.

Many positive changes continue to be witnessed, but one of the most outstanding one was a local nurse who managed to invent an N95 mask presever. Many people familiar with the matter believe that her innovation will be a gamechanger in helping fight the spread of the virus and help people save money. To get more detailed info on N95 masks, visit on hyperlinked site.

An emergency room nurse at Roger Williams Medical Center called Timothy Aurelio feels considers the innovation to be rather outstanding, comments that the United States hasn't ever witnessed such a thing.

It was around the same time over the previous year that Aurelio spoke about the protective equipment shortage that was being experienced. The nurse termed a shortage a major eye-opener that got people looking for ways to improve the situation. Most people had to keep using and reusing the personal protective equipment, without adhering to the the healthcare directives.

Aurelio spoke again in July, and that was a moment when Covid had become rather severe. The nurse figured out that it would be important to put in place a special and safe store for the N95 masks. People kept using the masks and and storing them carelessly, and that crushed the guards. Some of the N95 masks also got soiled, making them unfit for use as protective tools.

He got in touch with an engineer and spoke to him about a plan he had drawn. Aurelio was impressed when he succeeded in developing a portable N95 mask preserver, which he hopes will help combat the deadly virus. He reveals that any person can attach the preserver to his/her pants or scrubs.

The nurse’s innovation is commendable, and that is considering its capacity to uphold the integrity of the N95 masks. According to the nurse, this new innovation prevents the masks from getting crushed or contaminated, which is impressive.

Aurelio calls upon everyone to be careful during this Covid era, outlining the danger that comes along with using masks without proper seals. The best mask must fit perfectly according to Aurelio. He also recognizes the persistent shortages in masks that continue to haunt most people worldwide. Aurelio also speaks out about the expensive prices, showing the danger that continues staring at people worldwide.

The good thing about the N95 mask is its washability and durability. It is manufactured in Massachusetts and goe at about $15 per mask.