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Please include us in your prayers for God's direction and provisions as we lead the Philippine Haggai Institute Alumni Association General Santos Chapter, General Santos City, Philippines |більше

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1 Minute Testimony

Jul 28, 2009

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My Testimony

As I reminisce my ordeal in surviving the severe stroke that left me half-body paralyzed; memory loss, mental faculties nil, speech gone, right side of body movements zero, now I know that it was a special experience with God that always serve as a reference point of when He met me, blessed me and confirmed my identity.

The journey to full recover is long and difficult. I still am limping with the residues of paralysis, a disabled body.

If you are in a struggle today, your weakness is evidence that God has come to you and He has touched you. In the progress on your journey understand that your limp serves as crucial evidence that God is near

We serve a Savior that had to endure a few struggles of His own. The nails in His hands and wounds in His side are evidence that He also experienced pain just as we do.

But despite His scars, He overcame death, hell, and the grave.

To all those struggling, know that as long as you stay in the struggle, so will God. Embrace your testimony now.