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Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry|Philippines

"You have often heard me teach. Now I want you to tell these same things to followers who can be trusted to tell others" -2 Timothy 2:2

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We your brothers and sister in Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry will be holding our annual University-wide Bible Quiz in Central Luzon State University. Please stand with us in |більше

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Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry (CCLCM) is an inter-denominational student outreach campus ministry of the CLSU United Methodist Church.

Founded in 1990, CCLCM consciously respond to the need for a dynamic student and professional organization that shall glorify and serve the living God individually and corporately by way of responding to his divine will in the academic and professional endeavor; personal and spiritual growth together with other believers; service to the community in a manner that will influence others to accept and respond to God’s saving love, grace, and will in their lives; and becoming an effective instrument of Godly transformation in the lives of others.

CCLCM is based at Dr. Eliseo M. Pajaro Memorial Interfaith Church, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija. On the year 2008, CCLCM was enlisted as a recognized Student Organization in CLSU.

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A Christian Student Organization

A Christian Student Organization

Our ministry, Christ in Central Luzon Campus Ministry (CCLCM) is one of the few Christian student | більше

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