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Nessa-Wealth Kajane


Matthew 11:12

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vanessa_khumo_kajane [[Користувач]] приєднався до молитви [[назва]] з [[ім'я]]

vanessa_khumo_kajane [[Користувач]] приєднався до молитви [[назва]] з [[ім'я]]

vanessa_khumo_kajane написав коментар до блогу Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

  Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the day to remember our loved ones and show some love to each other, but even more important, God gave us the greatest Valentine's Day gift: "For God so loved the world t…

He is the love of my life, He has given me more than I can ever imagine and my gratitude can never amount...People may disappoint me but though it all He will never forsake, disappoint me and His love will never fail, it endureth forever.

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