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At Christmas time, many people mourn the loss of loved oneso. It is hard to be missing them, especially when everyone is joyful, especially that first year. It really is all right to let tears of joy about the gift of our Savior mix with tears of sadness at our losses. After all, He came to bring life, love, and light. We have the hope of eternal life, because He came. This video provides a comforting version of Silent Night that reminds us of the hope we have because of God's love.

Just released April/May 2017

Messianic Jewish Artist Deborah Kline-Iantorno

"Here Am I"

Available on CD and for download at

February 2017 Release

Messianic Jewish Worship Music by Lev Shelo

Dry Ground,” the third Lev Shelo release in 6 years featuring 12 songs. Of the twelve songs featured, nine were written by founding members, Mark Keller and Corry Bell, and highlight their own personal experiences in their travels, their lives and worship of our King all over the world.

The title, "Dry Ground” captures the reality of living in our world today; sometimes a very dry and barren place of loneliness, suffering and despair. In the midst of all this, God is there to love, restore and rescue us through faith in His son, Yeshua (Jesus), the messiah of the world.

Through personal tragedy of her own, Corry has penned two power ballads to the musical genius of Mark’s compositions. These songs, along with the other ten, prove to be powerful testimonies of the restorative, life-giving love of the God of the universe.

Available as CD or download from


Just Released for December 2017

Messianic Jewish Worship Music by Marty Goetz and his daughter Misha

"L'dor V'dor: From Generation to Generation," is a beautiful father-daughter worship album that will warm your heart. The beauty of sharing faith from father to daughter to grandson is captured in the lyrics and well-performed music that blends the familial talents of voice and piano.

To listen and purchase, follow this link:  http://www.martygoetz.com/products_ldor.html


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Missing Loved Ones at Christmas

So sad to feel overcome with sadness when we miss our loved ones at Christmas. Yet we have joy, too, because our Messiah Jesus came to bring light, love, and hope even in the darkness. He knows how we feel, be…

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Missing Loved Ones at Christmas

Missing Loved Ones at Christmas

So sad to feel overcome with sadness when we miss our loved ones at Christmas. Yet we have joy, too, | більше