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RayofHopechurch nyc

rayofhopechurch|United States

Hope is a passion what is possible in Christ

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I can stand in life only when I kneel down to my lord and savior and in kneeling down I look to my god in prayer and supplication

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RayofHopechurch nyc

Дата народження:

Сі 1, 2014

Місце проживання

Jackson Heights [11372], United States (New York)

Моє гасло:

Hope is a passion what is possible in Christ

Моя місія:

saving the lost souls for God

Мої цілі:

To reach out to people for christ and sharing the Word Of God

Моя церква:

Ray Of Hope Church which is multi linguistic in nature.Any one from any background , any language , any culture can come and join us as we worship god in spirit and truth






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i thank god for my family


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Punjabi Masihi Church – The Indian Church in Us!

An experience that you might face in your life one time or the other is the process of shifting. Shifting is a very common thing that takes place in this world. And shifting generally occurs because of your work or job purposes, | більше

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