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RayofHopechurch nyc

rayofhopechurch|United States

Hope is a passion what is possible in Christ

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I can stand in life only when I kneel down to my lord and savior and in kneeling down I look to my god in prayer and supplication

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Aug 07, 2014

Punjabi Masihi Church – The Indian Church in Us!

An experience that you might face in your life one time or the other is the process of shifting. Shifting is a very common thing that takes place in this world. And shifting generally occurs because of your work or job purposes, for your kid’s |більше
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Aug 04, 2014

What is Christian Life, How To Live And Enjoy the Good Christian Life?

Living the good Christian life is creating a way to reach the god easily. A good Christian spread his faith, morals and ethics of the Christianity for a good cause. Only just visiting the church every Sunday does not mean that you are a good Christian. |більше
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Aug 01, 2014

Multicultural Passion for God Ignited In Multiple Ways with Jackson Heights

Belief in God is a natural course traversed by the mind, with some people having aroused this faith at an early stage in life, while in some it gets somewhat delayed. It is because of this belief system that people are able to find peace within them as |більше
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Jul 31, 2014

Meet the God at Jackson Heights or Jackson Heights Church of Punjabi Christ

A spiritual abode that prepares the devotees to meet the almighty, New York Indian Church is multi ethnic in nature. The pronounced mission and vision of the church is to spread the gospels of Lord Jesus Christ across the globe. Best part of it is that the |більше
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Jul 08, 2014

Indian Church in Jackson Heights – To Follow the Path of God!

One of the challenges that people commonly face in their life is shifting from one place to another. It may be fine and adjustable if you shift within your home country, but what if you are to shift from one country to another? Of course that would be |більше
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Jul 08, 2014

Punjabi Masihi Church - The Ray of Hope for Punjabi Christians

It is common for people to make a smooth shifting from one country to another for their job purposes. And an important fact about shifting to a different country is that we leave behind all our traditions and cultural aspects. The same was the case with |більше
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Jun 09, 2014

Ray of Hope Church Brings Punjabis Closer To God

The thriving and large Punjabi American community in New York is well served by the Ray of Hope Church which has been working very hard to spread the true words of the Bible. While most Punjabis are no doubt Muslim, Hindu or Sikh, there is a substantially |більше
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Ray of Hope Church Brings Punjabis Closer To God

Jun 04, 2014

New York Indian Church Indicates Changing Trends In Society

The United States of America has always been a multicultural country and a refuge for people from other places fleeing economic and religious persecution. One of the most important things about this country is the freedom it gives people of all religions |більше
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New York Indian Church Indicates Changing Trends In Society

May 14, 2014

Inspirational Speech from Pastor Vicky Gill for Peace

features in a comprehensive manner. Regular prayer sessions attended with a lot of attention will drive people towards realizing the ultimate path towards faith with ease. However, there needs to be an ideal means through which offering oneself to God |більше
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Inspirational Speech from Pastor Vicky Gill for Peace

May 14, 2014

Spreading The Meaning Of God Through Masihi Church Across New York And Indi

Without the enlightening guidance of the supreme power, man has the propensity to go astray in life. There are so many distractions to deter a person from the goal of being happy by spreading happiness. To give shape to the spirit of brotherhood among |більше
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