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Hope is a passion what is possible in Christ

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I can stand in life only when I kneel down to my lord and savior and in kneeling down I look to my god in prayer and supplication

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Punjabi Masihi Church – The Indian Church in Us!

Aug 07, 2014

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An experience that you might face in your life one time or the other is the process of shifting. Shifting is a very common thing that takes place in this world. And shifting generally occurs because of your work or job purposes, for your kid’s schooling, or it may be even based on your interest. Shifting is not an easy to thing and it is not even easy to digest the same! A very important thing about shifting is that you need to keep away all your strict measures and you need to adjust with the culture and traditions followed in the place you are shifting. And yes, you need to literally leave behind all the practices you had gone through in your home place.

And let us take the case of the Indian Church in Jackson Heights, who had made a shift to the United States of America. They had to convey their prayers to Christ lord in their home until their traditional church Punjabi Masihi church was established in us. It was not easy to build an Indian church in the New York City and that too all of a sudden. The church was established with the heavy effort and hard work of lot of preachers. It required lot of courage and blessings to finally execute the plan and built the church. The Punjabi Christian community worked hard and managed to initiate the construction of the church in the year 2008 by fundraising. The initial stage of work in the construction of the church was completed about three years from 2008. As they say hard work and sincerity never goes in vain. The Punjabi Christian community was successful in opening the scared doors of glory of the Punjabi Masihi church on 9th of March, 2014. Thus the first Punjabi Christian church established in Canada was the Punjabi Masihi church.

Punjabi Masihi church takes all the pride in supporting the Punjabi Christians with all the services. The church offers prayers in their language, the language of New York Indian Church rather than English or in the western style. Conveying prayers in Punjabi language helps the Punjabis to understand the prayers and sacred words of the holy book ‘the bible’. The services were offered at a rented place for about nineteen years, before the Punjabi Masihi church was established. In those years before the establishment of the church, the sacred prayers couldn’t be conveyed every morning and hence the services couldn’t be performed regularly. The establishment of Punjabi Masihi church thus encouraged the traditional and cultural power and belief of Punjabis, Pakistanis and other East-Indian people. This church also helped the Punjabi Christians to follow their tradition and to offer their prayers to attain peace of mind.