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Who Will You Serve?

Oct 07, 2015

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FRESH BREAD FROM OUR LORD... Do you know how very much you need a savior? You were born into sin with a sin nature. All the good you could ever do in this world would not save you from what lies ahead your future in heaven or in hell.
I sent my only Son to earth to do identify with you. He took all of humanities sin upon his own back as he his own cross to be crucified. Because he took all of your sin in his death by his shed blood you can live forever in eternity with me. All who reject this gift of eternal life are choosing hell. Hell was never made for man but for the fallen Angel Lucifer the rebelled against me. He deliberately said, I will be like the most high God. He chose to be independent from me and to live his life deceiving others to follow in this independent life of doing what every man wants to do having no moral compass and no concern for his fellow man. You must choose to receive the salvation provided for you through my only son's death or whether you will do your life independent of me. I desire that all men would choose life.

Marti's note:
I have heard people say why would God who is love send anyone to hell? The truth is he did everything he could to keep man from going there but it is their own free will choosing to abandon God and his life that will lead them to follow the evil one to do his deeds. Choose this day whom you will serve?