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Karen Ramey

Kaccedi|United States

God bless us, one and all.

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Karen Ramey

Місце проживання

Huntington [25707], United States (West Virginia)

Моє гасло:

God bless us, one and all.

Мої цілі:


Моя церква:








Таланти та захоплення:

Садоводство (Camping/Fishing, Outdoors)

Улюблені проповідники:

Perry Stone

Улюблена музика:

Bluegrass Gospel, Country Gospel, Hymns, A Capella Gospel, Classic Country, Outlaw Country, Classic Rock, 80's Metal, Oldies, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's Rock, more...

Улюблені групи/артисти:

Ralph Stanley, Stanley Brothers, Jerry & Tammy Sullivan, Marty Stuart, Statler Brothers, David Wesley, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, Josh Krajcik, more...

Улюблені книги:

The Holy Bible (KJV), The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls-Wilder

Улюблені кінофільми:

The Passion of the Christ, Ghosts of Mississippi, A Time to Kill, The Long Walk Home, Oh God You Devil, Holyman Undercover, Left Behind Series, Revelation Road Series, Jericho (TV Series), more...

Мої герої:

Jesus Christ, and my Parents.

Улюбленні місця відпочинку:

Camping in the great outdoors. One of my favorite family vacations of all my life was when we went to the Smoky Mountains.

Родинний стан:


Моя родина означає для мене:

My family are a wonderful family. I could not ask for better parents or siblings. We have a closeness that isn't seen much anymore. I wish everyone had parents like mine. They are really good, God-fearing Baptists, that taught us about the Lord and His word, and I wouldn't trade my family for any amount of money, gold or treasures in this world.


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Beloved, you are highly welcome into this family.


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Today, I've decided to start using this account. I have been thinking about all of the good things GOD has done, and continues to do for me in my life. Praise be His name! I hope I will inspire, show my love…

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Today, I've decided to start using this account. I have been thinking about all of the good things GOD has done, and continues to do | більше

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