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Address Our Mess|United States

Working to develop strategies on helping people handle clutter. http://www.hoardinghelp.com/helpful-hints-on-reducing-hoarding-stress/

he issue of hoarding can be dated back to biblical times and through modern history. Why the issue of hoarding exists and why it can’t be stopped permanently is still being studied.

Address Our Mess is a professional hoarding, sorting, removal and organization company  was started by Jeff Cohn and Josh Rafter after receiving many calls pleading for help in cleaning up, organizing and removal of items collected by hoarders.


Jeff Cohn and Josh Rafter were managers of SI Restoration a 22 year old water damage, fire and smoke damage restoration and mold remediation company that also offers construction and repair services.

It wasn’t too long that Jeff and Josh realized the greater need for hoarding clean up and hoarding organizationservices. That’s when the guys decided to start Address Our Mess.

But before “ just jumping into “ the hoarding clean up business otherwise known as hoarding abatement, Jeff and Josh decided to make sure that Address Our Mess offered the best services including:

  • emphasis on the psychological component of the hoarder
  • emphasis on compassion and non-judgment of the hoarder by all employees
  • emphasis on continual training and education from top experts on all areas of hoarding
  • All vehicles not mentioning hoarding or organizational services (protect the hoarders privacy)
  • All employees fully uniformed including being neatly groomed.
  • Passing all background checks including criminal and drug related.

What Jeff and Josh also noticed was that the fact that most “hoarding clean up“ companies were just junk haulers or junk removal companies. Most of these companies have employees that are used to lugging out junk and unwanted items in people homes. Most of these employees are not trained to deal with the psychological tenderness of hoarding. Also as most hoarders are highly intelligent and educated well respected members of our society, most junk hauling employees are not trained in etiquette and social graces. Jeff and Josh decided that Address Our Mess would be different then the junk haulers and junk removal companies.

Address Our Mess has devoted itself to be connected and studied with the most respected and knowledgeable experts in hoarding.  Address Our Mess started with studying under and eventually becoming certified through Cory Chalmers. Cory is the resident expert and host of the AE show “hoarders “.

But Address Our Mess didn’t stop there. They joined the National Association of Professional Organizers and are working on their professional organizer designation. Then they just became members of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly known as the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization). The ICD is an organization of the most respected experts on hoarding issues and is striving on the research to best assist hoarders.

As you can see Address Our Mess is not your ordinary junk hauling and restoration company. Our mission is to assist hoarders in creating a livable condition with respect to their feelings and emotional needs. Address our Mess will continue to search for the latest in hoarding clean up research and hoarding information. It is our goal to help and assist hoarders in all aspects of their condition not just cleaning and the organizational needs.

Client privacy is a major corner stone in Address Our Mess philosophy. Under no circumstances and situations, will any knowledge of the hoarder’s condition be mentioned to anyone outside of the Address Our Mess family.

To help protect the privacy needs of our hoarding clean up clients, we also offer additional services reducing the need for our clients to bring other contractors into their homes. These services include:

  • Janitorial and all types of cleaning ( after the hoarding clean up and into the future )
  • Checkups after the initial hoarding cleanup to assist if the client “ falls off the wagon”
  • Any type of construction and repairs to the home
  • Professional organizational services

If you or a loved one has a hoarding issue, we want you to feel at ease in contacting us. We are not here to pressure you and feel it is our duty to send and inform you as much information as possible about hoarding. Please use us as your resource.


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Address Our Mess Working to develop strategies on helping people handle clutter. http://www.hoardinghelp.com/helpful-hints-on-reducing-hoarding-stress/

Address Our Mess

We are here to help those individuals and groups who need help organizing and removing clutter from their property.

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