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Top Secrets how To Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Jun 18, 2019

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Magnetic and romantic, the lavender color is peak for the summer. It is that particular nuance of violet declined in its pastel nuance, ideal for all those who want to be trendy but without exaggerating with contrasts.

On the one hand, in fact, the Ultra Violet was chosen as the color of the year by the American company Pantone; on the other hand, however, the delicate shades conquer because they are easily combinable. From casual outfits to more elegant outfits you can visit the best online stores in order to buy online!

It all depends on which accessories you choose. You can turn your looks into hippy style with off-the-shoulder mini dresses - bare shoulders with Bardot neckline - or athleisure, in other words sporty with canvas pants and sneakers. Complete the outfit with a baby carrier; you will appear to have just emerged from the pages of a glossy magazine of the nineties. 

Mini and Maxi Dresses

  • The lavender color has conquered the runways of the spring summer 2018 season and then has taken the place of the Pink Millennial. In other words, a pink tending to beige with hints of peach and salmon! Just look at Instagram to see how purple - and its delicate variations - are all over.
  • From clothes to accessories, even the hair is tinged with lavender. But who is it really good for? In reality to all, especially those who do not fear to dare! Choose it in total look with short lace and off-the-shoulder dresses like Valentino's, or long in viscose blend with body by Guess by Marciano. 
  • The first is suitable for summer evenings - combined with a pair of sandals from the medium heel for a bon ton style –
  • The second one is perfect for a wedding with high-heeled jewel sandals. You can choose them ton sur ton or in contrast with colors like yellow. Complete it with a small shoulder bag.


Skirts and Trousers

  • The violet, as we know, is the color generally attributed to art. Even the stars like David Bowie and Prince have loved it and are among the millennials' celebs like Ariana Grande and Rihanna. 
  • And with the floral maxi skirts you'll immediately feel a princess, while with the skinny pants model with low waist and the effect used you'll have an urban style look. You can combine them with high Converse of the same color or in contrasting pastel shades such as pink and blue. 
  • It is ideal with neutral shades like beige and white. And for a total look in lilac you can wear both skirts and lavender trousers with blouses embellished with rouches and pearls applications like that of top shop. 


Lavender Bags

  • For the summer of 2018 the accessories in pastel shades are a real must have. The bag is no exception; on the contrary it is a small masterpiece to show off even with the simplest outfits. In fact, it adds that extra touch that makes the difference. In the lavender nuance then it is absolutely trendy. Choose it over the shoulder to follow the latest trends seen on high fashion runways. 
  • For example, the classic Mercer model by Michael Kors in leather. The minimalist and vintage-inspired tote-bag literally marries lavender color to become modern and even more stylish. It is truly timeless as well as being practical and comfortable. 
  • On the other hand, you know, fashion passes, but the style remains as stated by Coco Chanel. Another model to keep an eye on is the baby bag inspired by the Nineties like that of Zara. Icon of the Nineties, is back in a revised and correct version, and now goes even with the most elegant outfits.


Sun Glasses

  • Raise your hand if you've never had at least a pair of aviator-style sunglasses. And if you think of this model it is impossible not to associate it with Ray-Ban evergreen. For the summer of 2018 they are dipped into the queen nuance of the year, the Ultra Violet: mysterious and at the same time decided, refers to dreams and books of fairy tales. 
  • At the most vivid and bright purple, however, a whole palette of soft colors like lavender has been put together! For example, sunglasses designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior. Choose from round or drop-shaped frames.


County Cork Tartan

Cork is a county in Ireland and Tartan is a fabric made up of horizontal and vertical stripes in different colors, on a colored background. And, hence the County Cork Tartan means the Tartan used by the people of Cork County in the making of the Kilts. The Kilt is the traditional symbol of Ireland and the pride of their culture. The saffron kilt is the one which is considered the traditional Kilt of Ireland. The use of Tartan in Ireland represents the identification of counties and districts. If a person belongs to the Cork County then he must wear the Tartan of the county Cork. Because it will show the identity of the person that which county he belongs to. This is the case with the other counties and their residents. The County cork tartan is one of the famous Tartans and the Kilts made from that Tartan is highly appraisable. Apart from Ireland, the County Cork Tartan has become equally famous in the rest of Europe as well as America. It has a special appeal in the style street of fashion circle and both the male and female use it in order to create an impression.

Watches and Jewelry

Nobody can resist the charm of delicate colors like lavender, even the jewelry and watch designers. For this reason, in the collections of fashion brands that pay homage to the beautiful season there are color block accessories that you can combine with the same gradation, but you can even choose them as light points that brighten up your outfit and make it hyper feminine.