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The 6 Best Android Music Players

Jul 18, 2019

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The evolution of portable music players has been unstoppable for decades. A lot has happened since the first Walkman player in the late 70s, and today almost all of us listen to our music through our mobile phone, since the capacity of these is as great as that of our memory cards.

If you want to find good music players for your Android, below we offer you a top with the most outstanding music apps.


1 Google Play Music

The music player of Google has been one of the last to arrive but, as it could not be less because it is a Google product, it is one of the most complete and there is one that best integrates with our Android phones.

But the aspect that makes it stand out from the rest of music players is that it offers us the possibility of having our entire music library on our mobile, being able to synchronize up to 20,000 songs between our devices, without taking up any space on the phone or tablet We can listen to any song in our music library instantly by streaming.

But that does not mean that we can only listen to them connected to the internet, because we have the option to save our favorite songs to play them offline. Google Play Music is free, but if we want we can switch to Premium and have at our disposal 20 million songs and unlimited radio to learn new songs.


2 Poweramp Music Player

This is one of the most powerful players in our top and Google Play store and one of the most options available to its users. Innovation is not its strong point, but reliability does. And that's something we all look for when downloading an application: do your work without slowing down our phone . And that Poweramp does great.

The version that we can download through our link is a trial version of 15 days to test if we seduce the benefits of this player. From that moment we will have to download the paid version that is around 3 euros, and that in return offers all the benefits as 10-band optimized graphic equalizer , letter display (and possible search for them), 4 types of customizable widgets, different themes and multiple customization options.


3 Apne TV Player

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4 RealPlayer

Sure you know RealPlayer to use it on your computer to play video, music and even to see photos. Well, these same possibilities are also offered by one of the most complete Android apps. All with an intuitive user interface, various widgets, equalizers to customize the sound of our music, and much more. Everything to customize the player to our liking with simplicity.

Remember that we are not facing a simple music player, because with it we can also watch videos and photos. That makes us save the installation of other applications, because it does all that at the same time. There are two versions, a free version with limited features that you can download with us, and another payment with all the possibilities of the player at your fingertips.


5 TuneWiki


If you are one of those who like to accompany the songs with your voice, this player is designed for you because it is a player that resembles slightly the karaokes. With TuneWiki we can listen to our favorite songs and read their lyrics in a synchronized way, so we can sing them if we wish.

It also presents a small social network with other TuneWiki users to talk about music with other users around the world, meet varied musical tastes, share songs, etc. Finally, and equally important, we have radio stations in the application. The app is free, but includes ads. The Pro version is around 2 euros and eliminates them.


6 n7player player


This application is perfect for all those who are looking for a truly different and revolutionary music player. Its graphic interface with music albums on a three-dimensional surface will not leave anyone indifferent. Either you will love it or you will hate it. But indifference sure you do not feel to see it.

Its tactile multi-touch support allows us to move between artists' images and albums with simple gestures to navigate our music as we had never imagined before. We have equalizers to improve the sound of the audio, possibility to easily download the covers of our music, possibility of controlling the player without unlocking the phone.


The version that we can download is a trial during the first 14 days. After them, some features require the purchase of the full version, which is around 3 euros.