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Relieve Stress with Professional Training Equipment for Boxing

Jan 10, 2019

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Professional Training Equipment for Boxing

Boxing and kickboxing are full body power workouts. They improve your strength, endurance and balance. At the same time, boxing and kickboxing training is a great way to let off stress. These sports help a great deal with stress and anxiety management too. It is very crucial to have the right training equipment for boxing and Kickboxing, in order to get the most out of your fitness routine.

Choose the Right One from a Huge Variety of Training Equipment

When you look for boxing training equipment online or in stores, you see such a huge variety of products that choosing the right one gets intimidating, especially if you are a beginner. But no worries! We, at Starpro, are here to walk you through the basic training equipment for boxing and help you choose the right one for yourself.

Get Ultimate Experience with Training Equipment for Boxing and Kickboxing

Boxing and Kickboxing look similar, but these are different in nature. While both these sports are almost the same in technique, the basic difference is right there in the name. Boxing allows the opponents to use their hands and legs are generally used only for defense. Whereas in kickboxing punches and kicks both are allowed. You will never want to duck for defense in kickboxing, as you do in boxing since there is a great chance of getting kicked in the face.

Get Started with the Protective Equipment

That is why while boxing gloves along with upper body protective gear are enough in boxing, you will also need lower body protective gear like shin guards, groin guards and ankle sleeves in kickboxing. So let’s get started with the basics for both sports.

Choose Finest Hand wraps for boxing and kickboxing

Hand wraps are essential for both boxing as well as kickboxing. There are 27 different bones in your hands and the sheer force of a punch can easily dislocate and break these bones. You are also going to sweat a lot during your intense boxing and kickboxing training session. That is why, the first thing you need to invest in, is a good pair of moisture absorbent hand wraps. Hand wraps will restrict the movement in your hands, thus offering greater stability to your punches. At the same time, they keep your hands dry and fresh by absorbing the excess moisture and sweat.

Starpro crepe bandage hand wraps are an ideal choice with a thumb loop and Velcro closure for easy, hassle-free donning each time.

Importance of Jump Rope/Skipping Rope in Boxing and Kickboxing

All boxing and kickboxing training sessions are usually preceded by a warm-up session. And there is no better way to warm up than a jump rope. It engages the whole body and requires you to be attentive and focused. It’s an additional cardio workout which improves your agility, coordination and speed.

You can go with regular skipping rope as a beginner. And then opt for the more advanced options with changeable weights as you proceed with your training.

Multiple Sizes and Types of Boxing/Kickboxing Gloves

The next thing you need to get started with your training is a reliable pair of boxing/kickboxing training gloves. Gloves are available in multiple sizes and types. Boxing training gloves or boxing sparring gloves both will do. Get a pair with premium quality PU leather for durability. Gloves with Velcro strap are great for training. Make sure, your gloves are ideally padded so that your hands and your partner’s face is safe during training as well as sparring. Usually, 16-ounce gloves are considered ideal for sparring. However, if you are not planning to spar then you can go with 12 ounce or 14-ounce gloves depending on your own body weight and height.

Starpro M33 boxing training gloves are ideal for boxing and kickboxing training. You can visit Starpro size chart to choose the right size for yourself. These gloves come with added wrist support for extra protection.

Headgear and Mouth Guard for ultimate protection

All boxers and kickboxers need a good quality head guard and a mouth guard to avoid potential head injuries, torn lips, broken teeth and concussion. Head guard should be optimally padded. You can go for a full face for maximum zygomatic protection or ones with a chin strap. Starpro head guards are designed for the ultimate protection and performance. Their unique design does not obstruct the vision, allowing you to be aware of your opponent’s actions at all times.

Choose customizable silicon mouth guards for comfortable protection. Starpro offers both single piece and double mouth guards. Both are designed for superior comfort and protection.

Shin Guards and Ankle Support Wraps

Shin guards might not be required in regular boxing training. But, they are as important for kickboxing as boxing gloves. They are even more essential for sparring and contact drill. They protect your shins from fractures and injuries.

Shin guards should always fit snugly to your legs and never slip off with movement. Choose shin guards that offer good protection but are not too bulky that they restrict movement.

Kickboxing Involves a Lot of Movement

Use a good pair of ankle sleeves for kickboxing. This is because kickboxing involves a lot of movement and landing the wrong way can cause serious sprains and dislocation. Ankle sleeves should be worn at all times for kickboxing. You can check out a variety of shin guards and ankle sleeves on Starpro.

Punching Bag for Training

Punching bags are usually available at the gym but if you are training at home, you definitely need to invest in a good punching bag for home. Punching bags are rather simple equipment but these are a significant part of your training and skill enhancement. We recommend long Muay Thai style punching bag for kickboxing training that allows you to practice your kicks and footwork too.

Boxing/Kickboxing Apparel for Men and Women

Boxing and kickboxing are high impact combat sports that require a lot of movement. That is why breathable athletic wear is the way to go for a comfortable experience.

Girls go with yoga pants, sports bra and a moisture wicking t-shirt. Boys should wear comfortable, breathable athletic shorts with a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

Starpro offers a cool variety of sports apparel for men, women and kids. Their apparel range also includes a whole spectrum of martial art uniforms and MMA gowns. You can browse through our website to find all kinds of training equipment, accessories, and apparel to fit your needs. All Starpro products are designed for optimal performance, protection and comfort.