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Marlene Klausner|Austria

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Apr 09, 2009

Since 4 weeks we experience revival!!!!

Since 4 weeks we experience revival here in Vienna at the Vienna Christian Center. It's awesome and unpredictable things are happening! God is moving among us like never before! It started with revival services 4 weeks ago but we needed to go on cause God |більше
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May 28, 2008

Birthday party at "Maredo"

Hey that was my birthday party at "Maredo"...a mexican restaurant at the opera of Vienna. I was very touched celebrating this day with so many friends of mine. I really thank God for those wonderful people in my life, knowing that God is using them in a |більше
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Birthday party at "Maredo"

May 26, 2008

Experiments at the Theatre of St. Pölten

Yesterday, we as students of "Stage Photography" and "Stage Lightning" had the wonderful opportunity to combine theory and practice at a professional stage in St. Pölten. The whole day we were able to experiment with light, creating a specific atmosphere |більше
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Experiments at the Theatre of St. Pölten

May 20, 2008

UV Paintings

Actually the seminars at my University are very theoretical. Accept of one which is called "Stage Photography". We are doing a lot of awesome creative things like experiments with different light situations, making photos, UV paintings, excursions to |більше
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UV Paintings

Apr 30, 2008

Cell group at "Estancia Santa Cruz"

Wow.... this was great! Good food, awesome people and a funny atmosphere .... which we always have! We celebrated Heike's Birthday (third person at the front row from the left side) - our new and enthusiastic member - and even with two thirds less people |більше
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Cell group at "Estancia Santa Cruz"

Apr 25, 2008

International School of Ministry - A Curriculum to Change the World!

The Vision of this great video Bible school is to equip thousands of Christians with practical teaching from the world's best christian leaders in their own language locally in their own city. I have the privilegue to join this school since September 2007 |більше
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International School of Ministry    -     A Curriculum to Change the World!

Apr 18, 2008

Stage Photography

At my university I take a course called "Stage Photography" where we learn the theoretical and practical tools of using a camera in different light situations. From Oct. till Jan. we were taught about Stage Lightning and now, as it comes to practise we are |більше
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Stage Photography

Apr 03, 2008

Fit & Dance

Well ... I do this every Thursday evening. I might not look unathletic but honestly ... I'm doing NOTHING to keep in shape! So I forced myself a month ago going jogging every second day and joining this FIT & DANCE group once a week which is really funny |більше
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Fit & Dance

Apr 02, 2008

Media Competence Seminar

I see God's hand performing something great in using little things, putting them together at the right time on the right place for the glory of HIS kingdom! Today showed me not to despise those little sometimes unimpressive things cause I never know what it |більше
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Media Competence Seminar

Apr 01, 2008

Joyce Meyer "Enjoying Everyday Life"

And today.....with Joyce Meyer! Two times a week I'm editing the Joyce Meyer program "Enjoying Everyday Life" for our german speaking areas in Europe which contains Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Joyce Meyer is a well-known speaker who helds conferences |більше
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Joyce Meyer "Enjoying Everyday Life"