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Rachel Thunder

ProfWriter|United States

My name is Rachel Thunder and i am a 25-year-old public speaking and debate trainer

How are parents to survive in the wide-open free exchange of ideas and information?

The world is changing. So many times that statement has been spoken from one generation to the next to explain how to understand, tolerate andsurvive noted progress. Most people marvel at the mechanical, technological and even social changes that occur from childhood through adulthood in any given generation. 
More so than in any other time in history, current changes occurring in the way people interact in everyday life are more drastic than ever with the innovation and increased popularity of the Internet. 
The Internet offers people relatively hassle-free, cheap and sometimes mind-boggling methods of handling traditional normal activities in extraordinary ways. 
By virtue of current lifestyle trends, many people welcome the Internet’s option of dealing with personal and commercial business in non-traditional fashion. 
As the Internet begins to affect every facet of daily activity for many people, the innovation poses particularly unique challenges for parents. While the Internet allows for a wide-open self-regulated marketplace and think tank, the unabashed and uncensored nature of the information may prove unhealthy and detrimental to children if they are irresponsibly exposed to it. 
Many parents feel the need to avoid the subject for as long aspossible, hoping that the information will somehow either bypass their children or reach them at a time when they can surely handle it. Unfortunately, too often this is not the case.After consulting with hundreds of parents on the Internet and how to survive the onslaught of the new technology and information, I have concluded that most parents want to know how the Internet works, but unfortunately do not have the time to begin learning all that they need to know. In the meantime, children are on the cutting edge of the technological revolution and hunger to learn its processes. By way of self-exploration, school direction or peer introduction, many children will have some access to the Internet by age six. 
Parents need to know what attracts children to the Internet and what are the most valuable and popular Internet areas for children. Sometimes the most valuable areas of the Internet are not the most popular and the most popular areas are not the most valuable. Parents need to know how todistinguish between them.There are some valuable software tools available to parents to help them try to keep the “information superhighway” safe for their kids. Content filtering programs, password protected and encrypted software, etc. will help in this effort, but will not be able to protect andprevent children from being exposed to inappropriate or unhealthy content 100% of the time. These programs have proven to be helpful but not the complete answer to steering children clear of danger and preventing them from accessing information that is not intended for them. 
Parents need to view a child’s attraction to the Internet similar to a child’s attraction to television, video games or <p><a href="https://edu-helper.org/term-paper-writing-service">term paper writing service</a><p> . Supervision and encouraging moderation are vital in providing parameters for children for using the Internet. 
Whether a child uses the World Wide Web for school research or an e-mail program to communicate with others, he/she must be taught that there arelimits on time and energy spent on using the Internet. Parents and children must discuss clear-cut expectations and agree upon certain guidelines to ensure safe and responsible use of the Internet’s vast resources. The information in this book will provide tips for parents on how to survive theelectronic world of the Internet. The best thing is, parents can learn all of the tips and insider hints in less than one day!


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How are parents to survive in the wide-open free exchange of info?

How are parents to survive in the wide-open free exchange of ideas and information? The world is changing. So many times that statement has been spoken from one&nb…



My name is Rachel Thunder and i work as a content manager. As a qualified writer with three years of copywriting experience, I enjoy working on a variety of projects connected with travelling (yeah, im a Couchsurfing member=) and lifestyle (vegan, TGIM). Friends say i am an open-minded person, so

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