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Application of Urgent Indian Visa for USA Citizens

Jul 17, 2019

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Urgent Visa facility is provided by the Indian Government to facilitate emergency visits to India such as visits in case of loss of life, accidents, serious illness, legal issues and other emergencies. The Urgent Visa to India can be applied and approved in just one day in case of emergency visits which were not planned in advance and it also has a notable characteristic that it can be issued even on weekends for those who have a real urgency to visit India.

What is the process for applying the Urgent Visa?

The process for applying the Urgent visa is same as of applying the E-visa, you have to apply for the Urgent Visa online, uploading the scanned copy of  documents and paying the prescribed fees. The fees for an urgent visa is higher than that of normal visa because the application will be processed under high quality.

The emergency visa is similar to visa on arrival upto a great extent.

Documents required while applying for urgent e-visa India

Following documents are required to apply for the Urgent Visa:

  • From the date of arrival in India, the applicant’s passport must be valid for the next six months. There should be at least two blank pages in the passport where the Immigration Officer will place the stamp.
  • A scanned copy of the first and last page of the applicant’s passport.
  • Passport size photo with white background and in JPEG format.

Emergency visa requires these two additional documents in addition to those listed above:

  • Documentary proof of emergency situation such as death or medical certificate.
  • A confirmed flight ticket for the same day on which the visa is being sought.